Gym Buddies- Why It Helps to Get a Work-Out Buddy!

Why It Helps to Get a Work-Out Buddy!

Gym Buddies- Why It Helps to Get a Work-Out Buddy!

Even if you prefer a solo fitness regime, it sometimes helps to get a work-out buddy who will encourage you stay focused and on track. Often times working out, staying motivated and sticking with your routine can be a challenge. We sometimes come up with excuses to justify skipping that workout session and find it difficult to hold ourselves accountable. Some of these reasons may be justifiable, but most of the time, it’s just the lack of proper motivation.

Training with a friend can be a practical way to make sure you don’t skip your exercise/ workout sessions. You’re unlikely to skip your workout routine when you have someone waiting for you. Working out with a partner also helps you spend quality time with friends and improves your overall health.

While some people like to work out alone, others enjoy working out with a partner. Get a work-out buddy to switch things up— it may be the extra motivation you need to work out harder. You can always go back to solo workouts any time.

4 Reasons to Get a Work-Out Buddy and Stay Active

Swolemate- How to Choose the Right Workout Partner

A Work-out buddy or gym partner is also an accountability buddy who helps keep you on track and working towards a common goal. Partnering up with a swolemate not only motivates you to show up to exercise, but may increase the amount and intensity of physical activity you do. Listed below are four different reasons to hit the gym with your best buddy.

A Work-Out Partner Helps You Build Accountability and Consistency

It’s easy to cancel your own scheduled workout when you are not accountable to anyone. However, you’re far more likely to be consistent with your exercise if you’ve got a workout buddy. When you have a workout buddy, you are accountable to someone other than yourself. It’s certainly difficult to back out on a planned workout with your swolemate. This is because you may feel guilty about flaking and disappointing them. Since your reliable pal shows up for you, you want to do the same for them.

Furthermore, a workout buddy helps motivate you to show up. When you have someone you work out with, it helps you establish a routine and stay on a consistent schedule. Since it’s easier to let yourself down than to let down a gym buddy, it makes it harder for you to skip workout training. This could help you become consistent with your workout program.

Get a Work-Out Buddy for Motivation and Support

Exercise Partner- Why It Helps to Get a Work-Out Buddy!

Working out all by yourself can get a little lonely, as we all need a little bit of encouragement to help us go the extra mile. Everyone likes to have someone in their corner, whether it is to push through that last rep or simply cycle next to each other.

Having a workout buddy can help inspire and motivate you to carry on and ultimately improve. When you get a work-out buddy, you may become inclined to try new things outside your comfort zones, whether it’s a new exercise class, or program! It’s great to have someone to cheer you on while you put in the effort, as it can be a big motivator. It’s motivating to know that someone will be there for you and with you!

Share Similar Goals & Accomplishments with Your Gym Buddy

Exercise Buddy- Why It Helps to Get a Work-Out Buddy!

Achieving goals can feel pretty great when you work hard to reach them, but it’s even sweeter when you have a partner to celebrate it with. Sharing your wins helps you and your buddy stay encouraged, as you both have equally worked hard towards the same purpose.  Whether it’s a high-five or someone who will congratulate you when you succeed, or even help inspire you to do your best, a gym buddy will help motivate you all the way.

It’s definitely inspiring to see someone reach their goals and make progress. Having a gym partner with similar goals in mind can help you push each other. Your goals should be roughly, but not exactly the same as your partner. Furthermore, the slight differences in your goals can be an avenue to share interesting ideas and information.

Get a Work-Out Buddy to Make Exercise Sessions Fun

Gym Buddy- How to Choose the Right Exercise Partner

Exercising with your swolemate can be fun! We are social creatures by nature. Thus we enjoy having people around us, particularly if we enjoy hanging out with them.

A gym buddy can be a great incentive to head to the gym, especially when you both share common interests and goals. In addition, combining your workout routine with a bit of chat and banter makes things more enjoyable!

How to Choose the Right Work-Out Buddy

To take advantage of the benefits listed above, you’ll need to pick the right workout buddy. Look for someone with the similar goals, schedule, and commitment you have. Someone who makes you feel positive and inspires you work on your fitness goals consistently.

You should bear the following in mind when you find a work-out buddy: 

  • Determine your own fitness level and goals.
  • Decide the amount of time you’re willing to commit.
  • Choose a gym buddy that’s supportive and available.
  • If possible, pick a partner whose fitness level is above or same as yours.
  • Select a partner that is less likely to flake.
  • Try a session or two with a personal trainer to get a feel of working out with a partner.
  • Ask your trainer about group trainings or recommended exercise partners.


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