Music Earphones- Why It Helps to Create a Playlist for Workout Training!

Why It Helps to Create a Playlist for Workout Training!

Music Earphones- Why It Helps to Create a Playlist for Workout Training!

Do you know it helps to create a playlist for workout training? The perfect workout music playlist can have a direct influence and be a motivating factor in your workout training. Creating a playlist that fits the vibe of your exercise session can help influence your mood on days when you simply may not feel it. There is nothing like listening to music that gets you pumped and keeps you energized, during your sweat session!

Music can affect your heart rate and also make exercise sessions more fun. It can indeed have an ergogenic effect— as it can enhance athletic performance— making your gym time even more productive. 

You may choose to create a playlist filled with fast and exciting songs. While adding songs you like is essential, there are certain tips for getting the right song in the queue. Below we explore how to create a playlist for workout training to help motivate you and elevate your workout routines.

Create a Playlist for Workout Training Based on the Type of Exercise

Headphones- Why It Helps to Create a Playlist for Workout Training!

Music comes in all forms and genres. Whatsoever gets you moving or uplifts your mood is the best choice for your workouts. Most genres with upbeat tempos (such as hip-hop, afro beats, etc.) are typically more effective at motivating you while working out. However, depending on the type of training session (like yoga), country, classical, or any other genre more suited to the vibe/ speed of the session, can be added to the list.

There’s no doubt your favorite tunes make working out more fun, but that won’t necessarily make for an efficient workout mix. Generally, your heart rate and intensity level vary depending on the nature of your workout training. For example, a fast upbeat track that’s ideal for HIIT may not be apt for low-impact yoga. Your workout pace should correspond to the BPM (beats per minute) of the songs you decide to listen to. In other words, your choice of songs should be determined by the rhythm at which you train. Below is a guide on how to create your next workout playlist based on these types of exercise activities.

HIIT: High-Intensity Interval Training

High-intensity interval training is a type of cardio exercise that involves sporadic bursts of vigorous exercise with less-intense recovery periods that keep your heart rate elevated throughout—even while you rest. It’s an excellent workout routine for those seeking to burn fat or lose weight. When doing HIIT exercises, you’ll need a playlist that’s fast-paced with an upbeat tempo to help you stay focused and boost your performance. Music that sustains a high intensity all through is needed to motivate you during difficult exercises, and also distract you from physical and mental fatigue.

Yoga- Why It Helps to Create a Playlist for Workout Training!

Create a Playlist for Workout Training: YOGA

Yoga is a form of mind-body fitness that is all about slow and meditative movements. Your song selection should match the atmosphere, as you’re trying to get in touch with your body and mind. Listening to music with a lower BPM will help set the mood during yoga and meditation. Creating a playlist mix of soft, gentle music will help create a calming effect in the body, reduce stress, and help your mind focus as you hold those poses.


Strength training is exercise usually done at a slower pace than cardio, with rest time between sets. It’s an excellent workout for building muscle endurance. When it comes to creating a playlist for strength training, it’s nice to keep the beat consistent and energetic, to help you maintain your rhythm.

Music streaming apps like Spotify or Apple Music can help you create music playlists that match the vibes of your activity levels. For instance, on Spotify, there’s a custom tool to help you create new playlists based on a few simple criteria.

You can create different types of playlists that you like based on your workout training routines.

  • You can simply input the length of your training,
  • Select a list of types (yoga, cardio, weight lifting, etc),
  • Choose a few of your favourite genres and the
  • Pick the “vibe” you’re after. (Whether it’s a zen or more “upbeat” theme).
  • Click to create your playlist.


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