6 Easy to Use Makeup Essentials for A Radiant Look – Beginner’s Guide!

Lipstick- 6 Easy to Use Makeup Essentials for A Radiant Look - Beginner's Guide!

If you are new to the world of makeup and will like to find easy-to-use makeup essentials for a radiant look, then this blog post is for you! Makeup is a form of art and can often be used as a form of self-expression. It is generally used to enhance and beautify the way we look. Makeup contributes to making your skin look radiant as it helps even skin tone as well as hide imperfections. From foundation down to mascara, it has become one of the most essential tools in a woman’s beauty routine.

A lot of people dismiss makeup as shallow and superficial. However, it is a confidence booster and can create dramatic makeovers. When applied properly, makeup can highlight your natural beauty— making you feel better about yourself.

It is important to get acquainted with the different types of skin before purchasing any makeup products. This is because tailoring your makeup to suit your skin type is essential to achieve a radiant and flawless look. There are 5 main skin types: Dry, Normal, Oily, Combination (a mix of 2 of the other types), and sensitive. Understanding your skin type will help you select the correct makeup products that will work best for your skin. different makeup products are formulated specially to cater to specific skin types and skin conditions. For instance, products that moisturize are ideal for dry skin, while products that are mattifying are suitable for oily skin.

Many women shy away from makeup as they are under the impression they need a lot of products. However, the amount of makeup required depends on the look you’re trying to achieve and differs greatly from woman to woman. With a good understanding of the basics and what each product is used for, you won’t feel overwhelmed.

A Beginner’s Guide to 6 Makeup Essentials for A Radiant Look

Lip Color- What are Some Benefits of Wearing Makeup

Choosing the right mix of makeup products for your kit can often be a challenge for newbies. With the number of options and never-ending formulas available, it’s easy to get confused about which products you should buy. As a beginner, you may be tempted to purchase all the latest products and makeup trends. But the truth is you only need a few makeup essentials for a radiant look.

Your skin will certainly look flawless and radiant with these makeup essentials, even if you’re having a bad skin day. From eyeliners to lippies and everything in between, here’s your guide to the 6 makeup essentials for a radiant look.

1. Primer

Most beginners tend to underrate primers as an unnecessary step in their makeup routine. Primers are a necessary essential for your makeup kit. This key step is an extension of your skincare and creates a base for a smooth makeup application. It is usually applied after your moisturizer but before your foundation. It helps minimize the appearance of large pores, smooths lines, and reduces shine (mattifying primers). The result is an even and flawless base for easy makeup application.

Foundation- What are Some Benefits of Wearing Makeup

2. Foundation

Your foundation is more or less like a second skin and helps to even out your skin tone. That’s why finding the right shade for your skin tone is key for a flawless finish. Thankfully, there are lots of inclusive brands that stock a wide range of shades to complement most skin tones. However, research is important as you may have to try out different shades and brands to find the right match for your complexion.

When it comes to foundation less is more as you’ll want to avoid a “cakey” look. Remember, a pump or two is fine— you don’t need to apply a lot of it. Additionally, using less foundation gives a more natural finish to your skin. It should give the appearance of an even skin tone and like you are wearing a mask.

 A beauty blending sponge is a great tool for applying your foundation. It helps absorb excess product, allowing you to progressively add the right amount of foundation. It is always better to start slow and gradually build up. You can apply a little more if you still need more coverage.

Concealer- 6 Easy to Use Makeup Essentials for A Radiant Look - Beginner's Guide!

3. Guide to Makeup Essentials for A Radiant Look: Concealer

A concealer is a must-have item in your makeup armory. Many women often get confused between concealer and foundation and what each one is used for. Concealers are basically color correctors. Their purpose is to camouflage or neutralize any discolorations, redness, or hyper-pigmentation marks.

Just like a face primer, it helps lay the base for your foundation. This multipurpose product hides discoloration, fine lines, age spots, dark circles and blemishes around the eye area. Additionally, it can equally serve as a base for your eye shadow or lipstick and even as a contouring product.

Eyeliner- 6 Easy to Use Makeup Essentials for A Radiant Look - Beginner's Guide!

4. Guide to Makeup Essentials for A Radiant Look: Eye Liner

An eyeliner is another great tool that can instantly add sultriness and glam to your look. It also helps transform your look easily from day to night. Pencil liners are recommended for beginners, as it’s easy to mess up liquid liners during application and they offer more control.

Mascara- 6 Easy to Use Makeup Essentials for A Radiant Look - Beginner's Guide!

5. Makeup Essentials for A Radiant Look: Mascara

Mascaras are an absolute makeup essential for every beginner. Not only does it add length and volume to your lashes, but it also gives your eyes that dramatic look. Simply take your mascara wand, dip it in, and apply one to two coats to instantly open and frame your eyes. Loved by most beauty connoisseurs, it requires little effort to have a put-together look.

Lip Gloss- What are Some Benefits of Wearing Makeup

6. Lip products: Lipsticks, Lip gloss, and Lip Balms

Lipsticks are an equally essential makeup tool for your beginner’s kit. They can help transform your look and add a little pizazz. With just a few swipes they add drama to your look. Much like the icing on the cake.

With lipsticks and lipgloss, you have the opportunity to play around with different shades and colors. If you are on a budget, then a red and nude lip color, with a neutral-colored lip gloss is recommended for starters. As you indulge more in makeup you can gather extra nude and bold colors that fit any occasion effortlessly. 

If you are not into lipsticks or lip gloss, then you can try moisturizing lip balms. Jazz it up a bit by opting for a balm with a hint of color. It will still look natural, yet will add an extra touch of radiance to your look.

What are Some Benefits of Wearing Makeup

We naturally exude more confidence when we feel beautiful. You might be unsure about the benefits makeup offers you. Makeup’s transformative quality is how it changes and enhances how you look. It’s no wonder that makeup has been in existence for so many years. Below we list some of the benefits of using makeup in your beauty routine. They include:

  1. May help enhance your appearance.
  2. Makeup can be fun as you get to play and experiment with different looks.
  3. Helps even out your skin tone for a better complexion.
  4. Makes you feel more put together and gives you a sense of self-care.
  5. It acts as a creative outlet for self-expression.


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