Plank- 5 Great Exercises with No Equipment to Keep Fit!

5 Great Exercises With No Equipment to Keep Fit!

Jumping- 5 Great Exercises with No Equipment to Keep Fit!

In this particular blog post we will focus basically on 5 forms of exercises with no equipment to help you keep fit and active. For most people life gets ultra-busy and this may discourage you from heading to the gym. Working out in the comfort of your own home offers a great opportunity for you to build a good exercise routine. It can help you achieve your fitness goals whatever the weather.

It’s a misconception that to stay active you have to sign up for a pricey gym membership or buy expensive equipment. A routine of challenging body-weight exercises is an amazing tool for stimulating your muscles. For most people, using body weight as resistance in workouts is usually enough.

Body-weight exercises make use of compound movements to engage several joints and muscles simultaneously with each move. Also, they keep your heart pumping while building muscle and flexibility. This makes them great exercises without equipment that is super effective for improved strength and performance.

The options are limitless when it comes to body-weight resistance exercises From legs and shoulders to chest and abs, body-weight can be just as effective as the moves you do with equipment. Below we have listed 5 great exercises without equipment to keep fit and remain active.

Types of Exercises With No Equipment

Jump Squats- 5 Body Weight Workouts

1. Jump Squats

Jump squats are a extreme effort implementation with every repetition. By applying maximum energy from your legs, you involve all of the muscle in your legs to their highest potential.

To begin, place your feet separately in a position in which you will be capable to jump your to maximum height. With your feet in that position, drop your hips back as far as imaginable while pushing the knees to have it underneath your hips.

Start out in a squat position and propel your body upward, jumping as high as possible. This explosive, energetic exercise will work your entire leg and actually get your heart rate up. it’s a great cardio and leg exercise, wrapped in one!

2.The Plank

Plank- 5 Great Exercises with No Equipment to Keep Fit!

This probably is one exercise  that is quite popular, even if your not a gym enthusiast you would most likely see people who take on this routine. It’s an exercise that is quite beneficial because it works on the fore arms, shoulders, neck muscles, butt, calf muscles, ankles, and most importantly your abs. it’s a very efficient general body exercise that requires no equipment whatsoever.

Now to carry out the exercise you Start kneeling at the end of a mat with toes inserted and butt relaxing on heels. Stride hands forward to an all fours station with knees underneath hips and wrists underneath shoulders. Lift knees to produce one straight line from your heels to head. Keep hips high and abs involved. Hold for 30 seconds then return to start, do this 5 times.

3.Types of Exercises With No Equipment: Burpees

Burpees- 5 Body Weight Workouts

When we want to discuss about one of the best no-equipment home workouts for burning fat, there very few moves are as fruitful as burpees. This exercise routine is an amazing full-body movement that can ramp up your entire cardiovascular well-being and it works on almost all the major muscle groups in your body.

To accomplish an accurate burpees, try to stand straight, and then squat down slowly till your thighs are equivalent to the ground. Place both your palms on the ground, and kick your feet back while stretching both your arms out.

Instantaneously, jump with your legs back towards your hands, and jump up again into the air. Land gently on the ground, and simultaneously squat down to execute the next rep. Do this routine 10 times for 5 reps. Take a 30 second break in between reps and repeat.


Lunge- 5 Body Weight Workouts

Lunges are an outstanding body-weight workout exercise that can benefit you with your overall health and physical routine. Precisely, lunges are a popular workout because they can increase strength, flexibility, and also balance.

The Lunges also do as much as can help you avoid injury during the course your exercise training. For example, doing lunges, squats, and the planks can actually prevent back pain, back injuries, and improve posture.

To perform the lunge, first stand with your feet hip-width separately and both hands on your hips. With your hips facing forward, take a pace forward with either your right or left leg. Remember to keep your spine completely straight and perpendicular to the ground, as you gradually lower your body down toward the floor. Bring both legs into a 90-degree angle with the front knee over the front ankle and the back knee straight under the hip.

Finally press back through the front foot to return to the starting position, and repeat on the opposite leg. Do this exercise 5 times for each leg and take 30 seconds breather when you complete the exercise on both legs.

5.Types of Exercises With No Equipment: The V-Sit

V-Sit Workout- 5 Great Exercises with No Equipment to Keep Fit!

This exercise is ideal for those hoping to lose belly fat. So if  you want to achieve rock-hard abs, look no more than this intense body weight exercise. V-sits are one of the most prolific no-equipment home workouts you can do to get a stronger core and abdominal muscles.

To achieve a V-sit, rest on your back, and retain your legs and arms overextended. Lift your feet and hands off the ground at once, and lift your legs and torso as you reach for your feet. Hold the motion for a few seconds before returning to the starting position. Carry out exercise at least 10 reps 5 times, Remember to take a breather for 30 seconds.


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