Swim- 3 Low Impact Ways to Maintain an Active Lifestyle!

3 Low Impact Ways to Maintain an Active Lifestyle!

BriskWalk- 3 Low Impact Ways to Maintain an Active Lifestyle!

To maintain an active lifestyle, it is important you engage in physical activity throughout the day. Physical activity is therefore any activity that gets you up and moving. It includes playing sports and exercises like swimming or weight lifting. It is different from a sedentary lifestyle which promotes sitting or barely any movement.

In this article, we will share the difference between physical activity and exercise, and why you need both to maintain an active lifestyle. We will also discuss low impact activities to help achieve good health and longevity.

Physical activity is any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that result in energy expenditure. These activities may not seem important, but they contribute to an active lifestyle that keeps your body functioning properly.

Exercise is on the other hand a planned, repetitive and purposeful physical activity that helps condition a part of the body. It also strengthens our bodies and endurance.

Low Impact Ways to Maintain an Active Lifestyle

Walk- 3 Low Impact Ways to Maintain an Active Lifestyle!


Walking is a great workout that improves endurance, aerobic capacity and burns calories. it’s one physical activity beneficial for people of any age. This physical activity is not only low impact, but requires minimal equipment and can be done at any time of day.

There is no flight phase while walking— one foot is always in contact with the ground while walking. This creates minimal impact, saving your joints from risk of injury.

Pilates- 3 Low Impact Ways to Maintain an Active Lifestyle!

Pilates to Maintain an Active Lifestyle

Pilates is a type of activity that strengthens the body by focusing on balance, posture, and flexibility. It consists of low-impact movements that Increase flexibility, muscular strength and improves your posture.

Similar to yoga, it’s perfect if you’re a beginner to help tone up and tighten your muscles. This activity focuses on the mind by making you aware of how you are breathing and moving your body while doing the exercises.

Swim- 3 Low Impact Ways to Maintain an Active Lifestyle!


Swimming is not just low impact, but can also be considered a no-impact exercise. It’s a low-impact option that can be challenging yet fun, as your body should feel no impact as you glide through the water.

Although it can feel easy, it’s an excellent workout for improving core strength. It is also a great way to improve heart and lung strength.


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